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Saturday, 17 September 2011

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Thursday, 18 August 2011


IM GONNA UPDATE stuff likes DRAWING AND CRAFTS and etc on this blog same to my other blog ^^
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Tuesday, 10 August 2010


I WISH I HAVE some others people like drawings,dancings especially,and then singing...because i want to perform someday but i dont think its a good idea even though my friend have a positive support for me to say yes...because i never get what ever i wanted and i sucks a lot in talent and stuff well i guess im gonna dance for fun every day like for fun which is wasting my think just because to get the good weight and thin...Hmmm if i could make a lot of wish...I'm sure i am gonna be happy like every time but its okay because its not reality which sometimes im not happy with it...but usually i used to get the "N.I.M" stuff,moody and sad mood just because of all of the reasons which i never gonna i used to say emm talents?interests?educations?everything....But i can't do any thing so yeaa i wish im gonna be happy always and not being most of the days

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Sally and the patch collection episode 1

{Sally's beginning}
Once upon a time,there was a teenager called Sally Cooker.She had a special cooking talent.Which she started her own secret recipe and learned cooking when she was six.

So one day,when she enter her room,she realize  a cook book were kept at her bed together with an empty patch.So she discovered some of the new different recipe.So she was shocked after her unexpected happening.So she go to her sister piyah's room and said "did you just gave me a gift?".So piyah reply "gift?" and said "i didn't give you any thing yet".So Sally and piyah search for their mother.because they were curious about sally's cook book.SO they both wait at sally's room.

So then a few moments later,their mother enter to sally's room and said "any thing new happening today?".Then piyah reply to her mom"sally's cook book?" and her mother reply"i didn't bought anything new today for each of you yet,beside it's not pay day yet and later im going to go to the teachers dinner night".But their mother did realize about the unexpected belonging so she ignore about it because she had a promise to not to tell anyone about the cook book,which the chosen one only can get the patch and the cook book which mostly of them were bakers and cookers.

Then during that day,they decided to bake and cook something,So piyah said to sally "let's bake pies and cup cakes for our hang out time later at muin's house and cook some of your secret delicious grill meat".So sally prepare the ingredient that they need for their cooking and baking and piyah go and get the baking tray and cup cake lining stuff.During their baking and cooking preparation,suddenly sally heard a noise,like a heavy box had been lifted on a bed room floor.So sally  went to the stairs and search for the noise then she realize a huge box were located on her bed room floor.So she open the box nervously,then she saw a lot of  mystery ingredient.So sally take one of the ingredient out for her baking progress.

Then she go to the kitchen and then started to bake and cook a long with her sister piyah.During the cup cake lining,sally pure the ingredient at one of the cup cake lining,and then they continue baking while waiting for their grill meat to be done.So after they took the baking cup cake tray out,she take the cup cake and put it on a take away container and get ready by the evening.So they get dressed and wait for their mother to sent them to muin's house,which sally took the cook book and the patch along with her and so piyah take her lap top along with her for her to surf the internet during their hang out.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sophiee and the coin collector

The story starts from,Once upon a time,there was a little girl,name Sophiee.She is some kind of human and a half pixie.Then when her parents wasn't home.She used to collect coins from her parents money bags(hand bags in our world) for her uses...beside her parents have a lot of coins at the other money bags as well...So with the help of her little friend,so they easily get the coins and counted them after the took the coins which is been kept in their coins collector box.When the coins that they collect is complete in their amount that they aimed,Sophiee used her magic sport transporter to the credit shop to bought her credit dust.So when they return home,she used the credit for her communication.So in the real world as her little buddy also say all of the credit all over the house.She felt sorry after her collection but she still doing her coin collection as well for her next collector.

Intro :)

This is the blog for my stories and etc and it is going to be a great story with different of adventures,fantasies and etc :D eheh have fun reading :)